Monday, September 7, 2009

Cambodia's Child Dreams

Building of a Water Well

It benefits 4 families, there are 32 people. These families are very poor and they live at 20Km north east of Siem Reap (Bos Em Village, Kiriminuon Commune, Bakong District, Siem Reap, Cambodia).

- Husband: Reun Sarith, he is 49 years old, a farmer
- Wife : Om Marath, she is 52 years old, a farmer

They have 3 sons (Reun Sok 16 years old, Reun Keo 11 years old, Reun Khna 9 years old). The youngest boy in the picture is their nephew.
(Photos taken in Feb 2009)

Due to poor infrastructure, there are many families without clean water for daily needs. They even need to share drinking water from the ponds with animals. So building water well is a way to provide them with safe, clean water. They were taught to boil the water for drinking.

Those who wish to contribute to building more water wells and would like to know more,can write to Mr Panha Ou (