Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Packing Gifts

We decided to sponsor some gift packs to make some children happy. We prepared 34 gift packs to give 12 children staying at Bodhi Home and the balance, to be given to SSVP Christmas Party on 20th Dec 2009 for the children from poor families. We were also having fun / "lau juak" buying and packing the gifts. The stationeries,books, sweets and packaging were sponsored solely by my friend, Selina Boey (btw, it was her idea to give the gift packs) The gift packs consists of
1. Pencils
2. Pens
3. Eraser
4. Sharpener
5. Ruler
6. Sweets and lollipop
7. Snack
8 Crayon/colour pencil
9. A little note from both of us.
(Photos taken on 9 Nov 2009)