Thursday, March 11, 2010

TNR - A successful first

Released after removal of stitches....

Continuing from the last blog under the TNR program.

Day4: After i released the cat on Day 3, i was afraid it will not come back. The next morning, day4, i opened my back door and there she was, waiting for me.I was so happy. I fed her and petted her. I noticed two lumps under her chin and I started to get worry. I had plan to take her to the vet in the night. However, in the evening the swelling subsided and i was so relieved. It was a roller coaster feeling.

Day 5 - 7: She came back daily and i feed her twice or thrice a day. She seems to be healthy and has two of her kittens with her. Her swelling under the chin has disappeared.

Day8: Today. I caught her and took her to the vet to remove the stitches. It was a very simple procedure and took only a few minutes. And I released her after that. It was my first TNR cat and a successful process.