Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Perseverance is indeed needed!

3 new kittens i found today behind my house!

A contented, fat and healthy TNR cat

The cat i sent for TNR today

I had 11 stray cats behind my house. I spayed all the female cats under the Penang SPCA Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) programme. However, i didn't send the male cats to be spayed except one. And very unfortunate, because it's not spayed, one of the male cats roamed around a lot (the neutered one will more like to stay put) and it met with an accident. I found it dead outside my neighbour's house last Sunday. I phoned the SPCA to come and collect the dead cat so that it can be properly cremated. SPCA provides the cremation services for dead cats and dogs. The charges is RM30 for house cat (pet) and RM10 for stray cat.

Today, i sent what i thought, will be the last female cats found in my back alley to be TNRed. When my friend, another cat lover, Bee Suan, heard that I was sending this cat, she immediately and kindly offered to sponsor the charges of RM85, paid to SPCA. The cat is spayed and now resting in my house. It will be released tomorrow to the back lane.

As i thought that it will be my last TNR for my alley cats, suddenly i found 3 new kittens behind my back lane today! So from 11 cats, down to 10 and now up to 13 again. I suspect that some people dumped unwanted kittens behind my house. And indeed, perseverance is needed, to keep their population in check.

However, i do really see the benefits of TNR, at least for those cats that i have sent to be neutered. They are now very healthy, fat and seem contented. Seeing this gives me the faith to continue my mission to TNR all the alley cats behind my house.