Monday, May 16, 2011

Home for the elderly.

Adelene with Pastor Theva and Mrs Theva

The stuff we donated today...

The ward screen...

Bethesda Home was set up 16 years ago, by Pastor Theva and with the help of his wife, Mrs Theva, they are committed and passionate to take care of the elderly. They provide boarding for senior citizens with minimal charges to cover its operational cost. Currently the home has 12 residents and for truly deserving case, they don't require payment. However, the cost to run the home is high, they could barely cover their operating needs. Therefore, they need all the help they can from kindhearted donors. They charge very affordable fee to those who are able to pay and heavily subsidised most of the residents.

The services provided include 5 proper meals a day, shelter (separate for ladies and gentlemen), emergency hospital services,individual attention and 24hours nursing care. They also provide simple funeral to the elderly that passed away without any next of kin.

Their needs are many. In the wish list includes a van for transport of sick elderly residents and collecting of recyclable stuff to generate income; a computer and printer for administrative purpose, printing of name cards,brochures and banner to create awareness of the home, minor repairs to the home, termite treatment for the premises and consumables such as rice, can food (sardines, bake beans), oats, milk powder, biscuits such as cream crackers; milo,coffee, soya sauce, chili sauce, sugar, bee hoon, garbage bag, washing detergents, medicated oils, first aid kit and free size adult diapers.

Today, we donated 5kgs of soap powder, 3.6kg dish washing detergent, 5kg floor washing detergent, 3packets of 1.2kg instant oats, 2packets of 2kg milk powder, 2tin of Jacob cream cracker. We also met their wish of procuring a ward screen to cover the "view" when they help the bedridden resident to change clothes or diapers. I believed it's urgently needed as human being, whether sick or not, bed ridden or not, old or young, we all have dignity. So, we purchased it from the Penang Medical Supply and it will be delivered to the home in a few days time.

Besides Selina, Adelene and myself, this time, we also have a guest donor, Mdm Fong Sang Ing.

Bethesda Home is situated at 17-C Barrack Road (near Penang GH). Contact number is 04-2269761 or 019-5601080 (Pastor or Mrs Theva)