Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The debate

Cat number eight....

Today, i sent cat number 8th to be neutered under the SPCA Trap Neuter Release program. I have some friends who fully understand and support the need to spay these stray cats. One of them, Bee Suan, sponsors the cost on a few occasions. Next week, one of my other friends will be embarking on her first TNR for cats. I helped her to enrol for the program. I hope she can see the benefits of this program like I do.

However, i do have some acquaintance who outrightly told me it's sinful of me to remove the cats' ability to reproduce. They said I have no rights to intervene with nature. These people, as I know, none of them, are animal lovers and none of them, has compassion for animals. They could not be bothered with any of the stray dogs and cats but yet, they bother to criticise. Each time they criticise the TNR program, I get very annoyed.

I have personally witness the big change in the cats' colony at my place after i embarked in this program. Previously, all the mother cats were very skinny and very weak. They hardly have enough food and whatever scrap of food they managed to fight for, they will feed to their kittens. After two months, they will then stopped taking care of the litter, and started to get pregnant again. A mother cat give birth 4 times a year, each time, usually 3-5kittens.

Now, all these spayed cats are very contented and very healthy. I don't just release and abandon them. I ensure they have 2 meals a day and even treat them when there are injuries. Those unfortunate that met with accidents and died, I cremated them. I would say that they are now semi-stray, since they are in my cats' colony, roaming behind the back ally but are taken care of. I know each and every cat.

I have learned that I can't simply feed the strays and don't neuter them. As I feed them, they grow stronger, they will multiply more. If I don't neuter them, there will be more and more cats and I will be the "culprit" that contributes to the stray overpopulation problem. Some people said there is no difference, since there are strays every where, and I can't control all of them. Well, I least, I know I made a difference at my own ally. I am not going to be disheartened by all these critics. As long as there are female cats in my own ally that needs to be spayed, I will just do it... and...there are 3 more... for now...