Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hardest TNR thus far

The cat after surgery, still in the cat trap...

Today I neutered cat number nine under the SPCA Penang trap, neuter, release program. It's the hardest cat to trap so far. I have made four appointments with the vet prior to today, but I failed to catch the cat each time after i made the appointments. All the previous cats were very friendly and trusted me enough to let me catch hold of them. This cat was very elusive. I managed to grab her a few times, but she struggled and gave me a few nasty cuts. I almost gave up. Finally SPCA helpfully lend me its cat trap. I never know such thing existed. It's a bigger version of the rat trap. However, I kept trapping the wrong cats ( there are 10 cats behind my house now). It took me 10 days, to finally trap the wanted cat. With SPCA's help, I managed to get the cat to be neutered the next day.