Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Promoting Bethesda Home

Rice, milo, buns....

I visited Bethesda Home with some of my students yesterday. We helped them to create a blog and a facebook page to promote the home. We officially handed the blog and facebook over to the home during the visit. The simple blog is at bethesdahomepg.blogspot.com

I also brought along 3 x 5kgs rice and 4 x 1kg milo donated by my students. I topped this up by buying 30 types of buns (curry chicken, sardine, kaya,red bean) for the old people to eat during tea time.

The home is now looking for donation to buy a van so that it can carry out the work more effectively. A church has given them RM5,000 for a start, but it is still way below their targeted amount. Please do contact Pastor Theva if there is anyone who can help to fulfill the wish. More information can be obtained from the home's blog.