Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crystal Family Home

Today we visited Crystal Family Home for the second time. It's a home that currently houses 15 children, from poor single parent families. It takes in children from age 4 to age 10, and those children who stay there, can continue to do so, until form 5 or through college. The home is constantly in need of food stuff and consumables such as milo, milk, rice, oil, salt, sugar, curry powder, body shampoo, soap powder, shoe polish for school shoes and many other stuff. Besides that, they need volunteers to tutor the children too. Those interested to help, here is the information:


No.4, Reservoir Walk.Air Itam, 11500 Pulau Pinang.

017 478 3079 (Barnabas)
017 362 3079 (Esther)

On the way to bring some donation there.

Soap powders

The home