Monday, October 15, 2012

Cat number 11th

From the first time i embarked in the SPCA's Trapped Neutered Released program, more than 2.5 years ago, I have come a long way, to now stray cat number 11. In total, with my own cats, i have neutered 16cats. Today, I neutered another stray. I really can testify the benefits of such program, as it really helps to reduce the stray problems. The neutered cats are also healthier, less aggessive and lead more contented lives, rather than going through the cycles of giving birth,once every 3 months, hunt for food for themselves and the kittens, skinny and lack of nutrients and then got pregnant again and the cycle keeps repeating. With more and more strays, less and less food are available for each and every cat.

The cat that i neutered today, was so skinny when it first appeared at my porch last month. The vet suspected it lost most of its teeth, due to lack of nutrient. I hope from now onwards, she can lead a better, healthier life.

I continue to feed these released strays cats twice a day. It has become my daily routine. I am glad my mum helps out when I am not around. However, many of them do not live long, averagely less than 2 years as compared to household pet cat that can live up to 20 years.

I know the stray problem can never end, with millions of stray cats and dogs in the country. Though i have neutered all the stray cats at my cat colony, new cats keep appearing. I suspected thrown by people. At times, it's very frustrating, because it's not only the money but lots of time and effort has to be put in to care and neuter them. But i can't give up, as long as i am capable and able to, i will continue to neuter all the female strays that appear. Those who have pets, I strongly advocate neutering them, rather than letting them multiply and just abandoning them. SPCA Penang does give out neutering voucher to pet owners(dogs and cats) to subsidies the cost. Do enquire with SPCA for more information
Cat number 11..nick named Comot by neighbour