Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorting books for jumble sale

The I.C Church (Pulau Tikus) will be having a jumble sale on 27th Sept 2009 from 9.30am to 12pm on the church ground. Items for sales include food, clothing, bags, shoes,books,toys and other durable items.

There are many kind people who donated good second hand books for the sale. However, there are some who seemed to be taking this opportunity to dump unusable, dirty, torn, soiled, useless books, materials and toys. If one donates to charity, please make sure that the items are usable and in acceptable condition. Please don't use this as a convenient and feel good way of throwing away rubbish! Volunteers have hard time to sort out useful and unwanted stuff.




Good books for sales at RM5 per book, by famous authors (novels,biography etc)

Some other books (RM0.50, RM1 and RM2 each)
Includes novel, school work books, magazines,comics, prayers books.

Unusable piles

(Photos taken on 21st Sept 2009)