Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Finally after some delay due to both of us being sick, Adelene and I finally managed to deliver the long purchased items today.
1. 10 packets 1.5 kgs cat food
2. 2 packets 10 kgs adult dog food
3. 1 packet 8kgs puppy food
4. 12 bottles of 1 litre bleach
5. 6 packets of 3kgs soap powder.

With SPCA administrator, Lily. Those who wish to donate can contact her at

It is quite heartening to see that the dogs and cats(fatter than my cats!) are well taken care of in the SPCA. However, due to lack of space, not many cats and dogs can be accepted. SPCA has the TNR program (trap, neuter, release) to help check the population of stray cats. A female cat will cost RM85 and male RM50 under this program to TNR. Those who wish to contribute to controlling the stray cats population, can enroll and trap the cats and pay for the cost. Then the cats are release back to allow them to roam freely.

Photos taken on 14 October 2009