Wednesday, October 28, 2009

St. Nicholas Home

SNH provides education, training and employment opportunities to the blind and visually impaired. Those who would like to donate, can contact the Finance and Admin manager, Mdm Shanta Tan
at She can provide the list of items that is needed by SNH

Items donated
1. 6 bottles of 5kgs oil
2. 10 x 5 packs curry flavour instant mee (total 50pax)
3. 6 bottles of jams
4. 12 cans of sardines
5. 4 bottles of light soya sauce
6. 4 packs of salt
7. 900gm of kunyit powder
8. 1kg of dried chilli

Rosalind, the warden, recorded the items donated

the classrooms for the visually impaired

The vans to transport the visually impaired

Kitchen area

(photos taken on 28 October 2009)