Friday, February 19, 2010

Second visit to SPCA

(Photos taken on 19 Feb 2010)
We visited the SPCA again today. It was a special trip as I brought along my nephew and niece. It's my eight year old nephew and my six year old niece first visit to the SPCA. We were all very excited. We brought along 10kgs x 2 packets of dog food, 1.5kgs x 5 packets of cat food, 10kgs x 2 bags of rice. These are contribution from my good friend (Selina), my cousin(Adelene) and myself. Besides that, my another kind hearted friend, Mei Hoong, who had heard that i was visiting the SPCA, bought another 10kgs x 3 packets of rice and gave to me to donate to the SPCA.

This trip was also special because i signed up for the SPCA Trap Neuter and Release program. I am planning to sponsor a few cats under the program. Starting with a stray mother cat, to be spayed, to help check the growing population of the strays. This mother cat has been thrown away by some one and it has been "populating" my back lane with many kittens. There are many hungry, homeless cats around. So I am starting a mission to slowly TNR these cats to check their population and reduce the suffering of these poor creatures. I am hoping that this will be successful... at least for my back lane. I have made the arrangement and will be capturing the mother cat on this Wednesday (24 Feb 2010) and send it to the vet to deflea, operate and vacinate. Then i will care for it for a few days and release it back. Hope this will work.