Sunday, May 9, 2010

Second TNR cat: Any more kind sponsors?

Day 1: Just before i sent it to the vet
Day 1 : It was quite scared...
Day 2: Note the "notch" ear, indicating it has been neutered
Day 2: After 1st meal, post operation..

I had trapped a second stray female cat to be spayed and delivered it to the vet on Mothers' Day(of all days). However, as this cat is really feral and wild, it almost scratched me. Luckily I anticipated it, I protected myself with rubber gloves before catching it. It was snarling at the vet too. Even the vet and the assistants were worried. This time around, the procedure was simpler(first TNR was in March 2010), as the cat is too wild, I was advised to just released it the day after the operation and i don't have to retrap it to remove the stitches. So they used the self dissolve stitches, which would normally be unrecommended if there is alternative. This type of stitches may cause sensitivity to the skin.

I collected it back from the vet today, and it's kept in the cage. The vet advised me to keep it overnight and release it tomorrow. I was thinking, if the cat does not make a big fuss in the cage, I will take care of it for a few days until the stitches are better before releasing it. I fed it a bowl of steam fish meat and it finished the whole dinner. It seems to have a healthy appetite after the operation.

My own two cats were very curious and I think they felt disturbed with the presence of another cat with a strong smell of "medicine". I guess they will have to get use to it, because it's not the last cat that I am going to TNR. There will be more cats in future.

I am thankful and grateful to one of my old friends, Yeoh Bee Suan, whom herself is truly a cat lover for sponsoring the cost to spay this cat. The amount of RM85 is paid to SPCA through me. Anyone who is interested to do some kind deeds, especially for the cats and animal in general, can consider sponsoring a cat under the TNR program. With more funds and sponsors, more cats can be trapped, neutered and released. Remember, one female cat neutered, can prevent the birth of 420,000 unwanted kittens in 7 years!

P/S: The payment to SPCA is tax deductible.