Friday, June 18, 2010

Opps! Accidental TNR

My pets Bluey and Brownie's brother in the cage
The night after being the cage

For months, I thought the other white kitten from the litter of kittens that i have adopted my two pets from,was a female. I made a mistake when i checked their gender when they were still very small.I feel bad for just accepting its sister and brother, Bluey and Brownie into my home and this kitten was left behind. So I feed it extra food everyday and it stays behind my house as a stray. However, I've decided to trap, neuter and release it under the SPCA program, as I don't want it to get pregnant and breed. I also decided to give it extra protection by asking the vet to give it vaccination.

So, after I have neutered my two pets, i thought it was also the right time to neuter this little stray. On the 3rd of June, I trapped it and sent to the vet. About 2 hours later, the vet phoned me and told me that the "female" cat is a male actually.. and he castrated it anyway. So that's how i accidentally neutered a male cat. My plan was to just spay the females. So that's my 3rd cat under the TNR program and my first male cat, trapped, neutered and released...accidentally.