Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Cotton,a wholly white female cat, is the mother of my two beautiful pets, Bluey and Brownie. She can be considered a semi-stray as I let her come into my house whenever she likes but she usually go out after lingering for a while. I feed her daily, twice a day, but she continues to stroll and stray behind my house. She kept getting herself pregnant once every quarter and I decided to send her under the SPCA TNR program to neuter her yesterday. So with this, I completed the TNR for her and her batch of offsprings from which i adopted Bluey and Brownie.
Cotton is named by my nephew for being completely white. She has a special place in my house hold as she bore for me Bluey and Brownie. However, she is used to the freedom of straying and can find shelter behind my house safely, so I let her be where she is now. I vaccinated her and hope she can live a long, healthy life.