Friday, October 1, 2010

Creating Awareness

I visited the Shan Children Home again today, this time with Selina. We brought along with us 9kg of bee hoon, 1.5kgs of biscuits and 4bottle of jams. It's requesting for some additional food stuff like milo, milk, sugar and sardines. Besides, it's looking for sponsors who are willing to help the home settle its monthly utility bills.
The administrator, Mr Chandran, again requested us to inform our friends of this children home. As it's relatively new and is situated in quite a secluded area, not many people know about this charity. So, if you know of anyone looking forward to do some donation, please inform him/her of this Shan Children's Home, which as of today, has 22 children,age between 7 and 15 years, whom mostly came from single parent (mother) families.
These children, some came from Kedah and even from KL, have been abandoned by their fathers and the mothers are having difficulties in their upbringing due to poverty. So this home provides them with shelter, food and education.