Monday, November 29, 2010

5th cat and counting...are they worth it?

The night before surgery...the 6month old kitten

Resting after the surgery this morning...

The cat that i sent for TNR in July.. see how fat it is now...helping itself to my pet cats' food..

Today i sent the 5th cat behind my house to be spayed under the SPCA Trap,Neuter, Release program. I have embarked on this program since March 2010. In fact, until the very last minute before i sent the first cat for TNR in March, I was still questioning myself, should i interfere with nature...till I saw the advertisment by PETA, stating that, if we spayed one female cat, it can prevent the birth of 420,000 unwanted kittens in 7 years!

So now, it's the 5th cat and are all my efforts worth it? My answer is a big YES. Though the first cat i sent for TNR is missing now (I suspected it moved to another cat colony or maybe dead),the other 3 cats are doing very well. I feed them daily and they are very healthy, with shinny coat of fur, seem contented and very fat! Previously, the mother cats were all skinny, looked sickly and whatever scrap of food they managed to fight for, they fed the food to their kittens. So seeing the outcome of the 3 happy cats and the cats' population behind my house is under some control, I am satisfied that this program is good.

I am very grateful to SPCA and Gills Vet for being the only vet in Penang to support this program. Also, I would like to record a special thank to my friend, Bee Suan, for again sponsoring another cat to be TNR. She has so far sponsored two cats under this program,including this 5th cat. There are many kind and compassionate people out there. I would like to borrow a quote i read from somewhere..."wherever there is a human being, there is opportunity for kindness". I am truely thankful that there are all these people working together to try to make this world a better place for the animals.