Thursday, December 2, 2010

Donation cum shopping trip!

Good quality recycling bag...

Soap powders we donated...


Dog foods donated

Cat food...

I brought my sister-in-law,nephew, niece and an aunty to visit the SPCA today. We brought along dog foods, cat foods, bleach and soap powders to donate. Besides exposing the children to such charity and the concept of donation, we also intended to shop for Christmas gifts at SPCA!

SPCA sells a range of products which are very good as gifts. These include reasonably priced yet good quality t-shirts, recycling bags, mugs, keychains, magnets and even freshly bake cookies! Besides that, there are some donated books and other items such as animal food, collar,car stickers, calendars etc. Since we need to spend to buy gifts for our friends and families for Christmas, I think that it's a good idea to get them from SPCA. We can buy gifts yet contribute truely to charity at the same time. My favourite is the recyling bag. Very good quality, good size, roughly 40cm x 50cm, reasonably priced and well, since there will be no more plastic bags from supermarkets in Penang from 1.1.2011 onwards, this is indeed a great gift for the Christmas! You can basically kill "3" birds with one stone,buy the bag, as gifts, for donation and support the go green drive!
Ended up, we bought 5 of the bags at RM13 each, and 3 t-shirts at RM15 each (kid size) and RM17 (adult size) .
Go support SPCA, shop and donate!

I think that if we are going to buy Christmas gifts,