Thursday, December 9, 2010

2.52 millions!

Cat number 6....

I have sent 5 female and 1 male cats to be spayed under the SPCA Trap, Neuter,Release program since March 2010. Today is cat number 6. However, if I were to count my own pet cats that I adopted from the back lane, a male and a female, in total, I have neutered 8 cats this year. I really hope that there is no more new kittens thrown at my back lane. The cat population is now under some control. If more people can embark on such program, it would really help in controlling the stray cats and dogs population. I am really grateful to Gill's Vet Clinic for being socially conscious and contribute to this good cause. It's the only vet in Penang that is willing to participate in this program. The doctors time and effort are really commendable.

I do hope that there are more responsible pet owners out there who care enough to spay their cats and dogs. And if you really want a pet, adopt from SPCA or from your own back lane! Please spread the message. Remember,one female cat spayed, can prevent the possible births of 420,000 unwanted kittens in 7 years..that means, after spaying 6 female cats, it helps to prevent a staggering 2.52million births of unwanted kittens in 7 years!