Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cats and more cats

I think our country need to seriously put in more effort to help all the stray animals. To achieve a developed status, we must be developed and matured, not only politically and economically, but socially. Unfortunately, there are many social problems that need to be tackled and for now, solving stray animals problem is low in priority. I had for once thought the stray cats population at my place is under control as i have neutered all the females. Suddenly, some one stopped feeding the cats at his/her premises and these cats (7 of them) some how found their way to my house. There are simply too many cats around. I can't take them in. So i manage to send 4 of them to SPCA this morning. Unfortunately, SPCA is not a no kill shelter. Overpopulation of cats and dogs at their premises may result to some of the animals are put to sleep. So i really hope our society is more compassionate and responsible. Please neuter all the pets and stopped abandoning them. SPCA has space and funds constraints. I brought a long 8kgs of cat food and 20kgs of dog foods to SPCA today.