Sunday, November 6, 2011

Families with many children

Adelene with the SSVP members
The 10 sets of gift pack

Today we gave through the SSVP, 10 sets of gift pack to 10 poor families. We specifically choose to give those families with mothers who single handedly work hard to raise many children. Most of them have 3-5 kids. One family even have 7 children.

Each gift pack has the followings



bake beans

cooking oil

wafer biscuits

some sweets

soya sauce


We also distributed some old clothes and bags to the poor families. Despite having donated a few times to the poor families, today was an eye opening for me. I thought these poor families are not that hard core poor so they may not want to have the old clothes. However, their reaction changed my view. They eagerly took the clothes and bags. So I may want to distribute more to them next round.