Saturday, March 9, 2013

A heaven for the dogs

I visited 4paws again today, with a group of my current and ex students. I brought along 300kg of rice,140 kgs of dog foods,a few big bags of old blankets and towels and RM200 donation for medical needs. Most of the things were contributed by my friends, colleagues and students who have been very supportive of this cause.

Part of the donation in kind sent to 4paws today

The dog food in car

The 140kgs dog food

One of my students helping out

Some of my students helping to bathe the dogs
Each time i visited the shelter, there seems to be new dogs and new sad stories. There was a dog that was burried in the sand on the beach by some cruel people. It got rescued by 4paws and now paralyse. There is also a dog with maggots eating up its whole anal(rectum) and i saw how Barbara, who is as committed as always, removing and treating the poor dog. However, these dogs are now in a safe haven under good care of Barbara. It's the hope of Barbara that more people can come forward to adopt the dogs as they deserve lots of love and care from human. The no kill shelter is having over 200 dogs and it's overwhelming. Please do consider adoption rather than buying dogs.