Friday, March 29, 2013

Praying for a miracle van

Barbara, founder of 4paws and I
I still remember my first trip to 4paws a few months back. I brought along 20kg of rice and 14 kg of dog food and I felt so ashame of myself after I witnessed Barbara's dedication to the 4legged friends. The 20kg of rice last 1.5 days and the 14kg of dog food is only 28% of the daily consumption. I felt so small. My heart goes out to Barbara who dedicated herself wholeheartedly to 4paws. She is 70 years old, the same age as my mother. I then made a resolution to do more for her and 4paws. So here i am, appealing for help from my friends and family. Some people told me RM58,000 is a very large sum to raise but I keep faith in my heart. Despite all the cruelty I saw inflicted on the dogs, I still have faith in human kind and it makes me truely believe that a miracle can happen. Martin Luther King, Jr said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
4paws needs a van for dog rescue operation and also to transfer the injured dogs to the vet. It is doing a great job rescuing and taking in the injured strays, unwanted dogs and puppies. Those wishing to donate please contact me. Appreciate very much, big or small amount it does not matter. If everyone of us contribute just a little, our synergised effort will lead to more lives save. Let us come together to rise up againts senseless, cruel human action such as the wicked act again Simon, the dog (in the photo),that was buried in the sand at the beach at Batu Feringhi by insane human, waiting for high tide to drown it. Some human can display such an utter evil act againts god's creation, we, human,are also capable of goodness, capable of coming together, to be the angels for 4paws, granting it the wish for a miracle van. On my part, i have pledge RM1000 to get the ball rolling, it is still a long way but i am B+ ( Be positive) :)

Simon, the poor dog