Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Help from modern technology

While in the midst of helping 4paws to raise fund for a van, my friends and I do not forget the old folk home that we have being supporting regularly in the past 3 years. Today I visited Pastor Theva and Mrs Theva again from Bethesda Home. I brought along 10 liters of floor washing detergent. Also we helped to pay for the water bill for the past two months.

Pastor Theva suddenly thanked me for helping them to set up the facebook and blog last year with the help of my ex students. Wonders of technology! Because of this,the home received a few extra visitors during Chinese New Year. These people came to provide help. The help and donation were greatly appreciated by pastor.

I am also raising fund for 4paws using facebook to reach out to my friends and family members. Technologies, if use correctly, produce wonders!