Sunday, March 20, 2011

A small contribution to Japan,with Love from friends in Malaysia

Message in the blanket

Another type of blanket, with message too

I was wrapping the blanket in individual plastic bag...watched by my Bluey :P

My mum helped too...

Adelene helping out, with my mum...

The 50 blankets in my room...waiting to be packed into boxes

I was very "disturb" by the scene of devastation in Japan. I was basically glued to the TV for a few days, whenever I can, to watch the news coverage of the Japan's twin disasters of earthquake and tsunami. The more I watched and read about the disasters, the more I feel the need to help out. This is because besides the sadness due to loss of lives and the sheer devastation, with lives disrupted, I am also moved by some touching stories. There was a man, who went to help others and came home a few days later to discover the wife,son and family, including 4 grandchildren dead. Another old man, who was trying to climb up the stairs to escape from the tsunami, but with bad legs, he was having problem, his wife was encouraging him from behind, saying one two! one two! one two! Step by step, encouraged him and suddenly, he turned around, his wife disappeared. Dead. There was a dog, who refused to leave its dog friend that was too sicked to move. It was guarding its friend. Luckily, the two dogs were rescued later. I am also impressed by the Japaneses level of discipline and moral. Watching pictures of them queuing up orderly to get into supermarkets, despite, knowing, probably, when reached their turns, the food in the supermarkets were likely to be sold out. Yet, they didn't rush, didn't push, didn't loot. The waves may washed away their homes and lives, but not their dignity. Moved by all these and many other touching stories, I decided to look for an effective way to help them. Many organisations and groups all over the world has set up fund raising and donation drives. I narrowed my options down into two.

Firstly, is to donate to Mercy Malaysia which has launched a fund to collect cash donations to be channelled to the AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) that carried out emergency medical rescues during time of major disasters. This organisation is based in Japan and has carried out emergency medical services to the tsunami hit areas. Since it's directly based in Japan and has the network and ability to carry out the rescue work, I believe it is effective to donate to it. So I am grateful Mercy Malaysia offers us in Malaysia, a chance to donate to AMDA through Mercy. Since the earthquake and tsunami disasters, lack of medical supplies is a problem. Flu cases rise due to the bitterly cold winter, injured people and old people, lacking medicine for chronic illness like high blood medication etc are pressing issues.

Secondly, is the Internet group of volunteers, that try to get people to pool their resources through Internet, Quick Help World, to help in disaster. This group is currently organising blankets donation, to be flown to Japan as soon as possible. We have bought 50 blankets to be donated to Japan. This time besides Selina, Adelene and myself, I have two guest donors, one of them, my mother's friend, Aunty Sang Ing who contributed 10 blankets and my friend, Chee Yee Tswen, who eagerly contributed 5 blankets. I have the blankets ready and will be delivering them soon to the collection point in Penang. We have to wrap each blanket individually in plastic bag for ease of distribution. We also wrote a message of encouragement and attached to each blanket. The message is "Gambateh!" Love Friends From Malaysia.

Those of you who are interested to help out, can visit or go to facebook and search for "Blankets 4 Japan". Please act as soon as possible as the time frame for collection of blankets is between 21 to 26 March 2011.